Rye, NY
February 10, 2006
  Contact:    Bruce N. Alpert
       Chief Operating Officer

Pursuant to the Plan of Liquidation and Dissolution adopted by the Board of Trustees of Ned Davis Research Funds for The Ned Davis Research Asset Allocation Fund, the Fund announced final liquidating distributions to shareholders of record on February 9, 2006, payable on February 10, 2006 as follows:

The Ned Davis Research Asset Allocation Fund Amount Per Share
  Class AAA (NDRAX)
  Class A (NDRQX)
  Class B (NDRBX)
  Class C (NDRCX)
  Class I (NDRIX)

The Ned Davis Research Asset Allocation Fund began operations on March 31, 2003. Original investors in the Class AAA Shares have enjoyed a 9.69% average annual return since inception. A $10,000 investment would be worth $13,038 including reinvestment of distributions as of February 10, 2006.

A "U.S. shareholder" (as defined in the Internal Revenue Code of 1986) who receives a liquidating distribution will be treated as having received the liquidating distribution in exchange for its shares of the Fund. Liquidating distributions will first be a tax-free recovery and reduction of adjusted basis of a U.S. shareholder's shares to the extent thereof and any excess will be treated as gain. If a U.S. shareholder does not recover its entire adjusted basis, such U.S. shareholder will recognize a loss. If a U.S. shareholder holds shares as capital assets, the gain or loss will be characterized as capital gain or loss. If the shares have been held for more than one year, any such gain will be treated as long-term capital gain, taxable to individual U.S. shareholder's at preferential rates, and any such loss will be treated as long-term capital loss and subject to limitations.

Shareholders are urged to consult their own tax advisors about the tax consequences of the liquidation of the Fund.

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