Mutual Fund Year End Distribution Estimates for 2014

    Preliminary Distribution Estimates as of 11/25/2014

    (Estimates subject to change)
    Below are the preliminary year end distribution estimates per share. THE AMOUNTS AND CLASSIFICATIONS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Distributions are paid to everyone owning shares on the record date, regardless of how long the shares have been held. Estimates shown are for the fund's principal class of shares. Other share classes may have slight variations from the estimates shown.

    • The Gabelli Small Cap Growth Fund, Gabelli Equity Income Fund, Gabelli Focus Five Fund, and the TETON Funds' year-end distributions were paid on November 25, 2014 to shareholders of record as of November 24, 2014.
    • For all other funds, distributions were paid on December 29, 2014 to shareholders of record as of December 26, 2014.

      Net Inv.
    Short Term
    Cap Gains
    Long Term
    Cap Gains

    Gabelli & GAMCO Funds

    * Record Date - November 24, 2014
    Small Cap Growth Fund (GABSX) See Distribution Notice
    Focus Five Fund (GWSVX) See Distribution Notice
    SRI Fund (SRIGX) See Distribution Notice
      Estimated Per Share Distributions

    Gabelli & GAMCO Funds

    * Record Date - December 26, 2014
    Asset Fund (GABAX) See Dividend Notice
    Value 25 Fund (GABVX)
    ABC Fund (GABCX)
    Gold Fund (GOLDX)
    Dividend Growth Fund (GABBX)
    Utilities Fund (GABUX) (b) See Dividend Notice
    Equity Income Fund (GABEX) (b) See Dividend Notice
    Enterprise Mergers and Acquisitions Fund (EMAAX) See Dividend Notice
    Growth Fund (GABGX)
    International Growth Fund (GIGRX)
    Global Telecom Fund (GABTX)
    Global Growth Fund (GICPX)
    Global Opportunity Fund (GABOX)
    Global Rising Income and Dividend Fund (GAGCX)
    Mathers Fund (MATRX)
    Comstock Capital Value Fund (COMVX)
    Capital Asset Fund

    The TETON Westwood Funds

    * Record Date - November 24, 2014
    TW Mighty Mites Fund (WEMMX) See Distribution Notice
    TW Equity Fund (WESWX)
    TW Income Fund (WESRX)
    TW Balanced Fund (WEBAX)
    TW SmallCap Equity Fund (WESCX)
    TW Intermediate Bond Fund (WEIBX) (c)
    TW Mid-Cap Equity Fund (WMCEX)
    (a) Taxable as ordinary income.
    (b) Distributions paid monthly. Amount may include a non-taxable return of capital.
    (c) Net investment income accrued daily and paid monthly.
    --- No year end dividend expected.

    * Record Date is subject to change. Pay date is the next business day.