GAMCO Management Hall of Fame

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In 1990, we established the GAMCO Management Hall of Fame to honor corporate executives for their outstanding contributions in enhancing shareholder value. The selection process starts with our research on the company. Each inductee has passed rigorous criteria including:
  • creating shareholder wealth,
  • earning a superior rate of return over the long term,
  • practicing the virtues of capital accumulation,
  • enhancing our clients' investment success.
  • This Hall of Fame follows along with the philosophical underpinnings of our firm fundamental research, as presented in Security Analysis (1934) by Ben Graham and David Dodd. It is the investment bible, the key to unlocking values in the stock market. In Security Analysis, Graham and Dodd presented principles and techniques to measure asset values and cash flows in what is the methodology to evaluate individual companies. They created the profession of security analysis using an investment process that is known today as value investing.

    Roger F. Murray, II

    For over forty years, Roger Murray taught investment courses as a professor at the Columbia Business School. He was an extraordinary scholar, teacher and leader. Professor Murray had a long and distinguished career, including the origination of the Individual Retirement Account concept. Roger Murray co-authored the Fifth Edition of Graham and Dodd's Security Analysis.

      Roger F. Murray