Private Wealth Management

GAMCO Asset Management Inc. has an over 35 year history of creating and preserving wealth for affluent families and individuals. Our research-driven investment philosophy, part Graham & Dodd and part Warren Buffett, is conservative, tax sensitive, and based on investing with a margin of safety. We are value investors who look for fundamentally sound, cash generating franchise businesses with a catalyst in place to realize their true value. Our unwavering commitment to value investing, general aversion to the risks in timing the market and the long-term nature of our buy-hold investment approach has allowed our clients' assets to grow steadily in a tax efficient manner.

Through our customized separately managed accounts and investment partnership strategies, we are able to offer our clients the opportunity to achieve diversification within their overall asset allocation strategy. GAMCO is uniquely positioned to serve the needs of affluent families and individuals given our long-term track record, customized portfolio approach and tax sensitivity.