Charles L. Minter & Martin Weiner

The portfolio managers for the Comstock Capital Value Fund is Charles L. Minter. Mr. Minter joined Gabelli Funds in 2000 when the management of the Comstock Funds was assumed by Gabelli Funds LLC. Mr. Minter is currently a Director of the Funds.

Mr. Minter was one of the founders of Comstock Partners, Inc. that was formed in 1986. He was involved (with his prior partners) in the management of the Capital Value Fund (including its predecessor, the Dreyfus Capital Value Fund) since April 30, 1987. He served as Chairman and CEO of Comstock Partners, Inc. since 1996 and as COO and Co-Chairman since 1986. Prior to forming Comstock Partners, Inc. Mr. Minter worked for Merrill Lynch in NY Institutional Sales as a Vice President from 1976-1986. Mr. Minter received an M.B.A. degree with distinction from New York University's Graduate School of Business and a B.S. degree from Florida State University.



  Portfolio Manager

The Comstock Capital Value Fund