TETON Westwood Intermediate Bond Fund Class AAA
Ticker Symbol: WEIBX  

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    Portfolio Manager(s) Bios

    TETON Westwood Intermediate Bond Fund
    Mr. Wayne C. Plewniak has been a Managing Director and Head of Gabelli Fixed Income since 2006, serving as portfolio manager of the firm's high yield products and participating on a number of other investment teams. He joined Teton Advisors, Inc. in 2017 as a portfolio manager. Mr. Plewniak was formerly with Lehman Brothers/Neuberger Berman where he served as Managing Director and Senior Portfolio Manager of that firm's High Yield business following its acquisition by Lipper & Company in 2002. Mr. Plewniak had run the business at Lipper & Company since its inception in 1991. Mr. Plewniak began his career at General Motors Corporation and has worked with Goldome FSB, Paribas North America, and Bell Atlantic Capital prior to Lipper & Company, LLC. Mr. Plewniak has a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology and an M.B.A. in Finance and International Business from Georgetown University.