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The Gabelli U.S. Treasury Money Market Fund Class A

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Fund Facts & Details for Gabelli US-T M M Fund A
Portfolio Manager(s)
Judith A. Raneri, Ronald S. Eaker
Fund Details
Fund Structure:

Asset Class:

Investment Style:

Cash Management-Money Market
Investment Objective:


Key Dates
Inception: October 01, 1992 Dividends Paid: Monthly
Fiscal Year End: September Capital Gains Paid: N/A
Fund Identifiers
Exchange Symbol: GBAXX
Cusip Number: 362403107
Telephone Audio Response Code: 1339
Class: A   
Minimum Investment Requirements
Initial Investment Subsequent Investment
Regular Account: $ 3,000 Telephone Invest: $   100
IRA, Fiduciary: $ 1,000 Auto Investment Plan $   100
Coverdell Education Savings Account: $ 1,000 Mail None
Auto Investment Plan None Wire $   100
The Gabelli U.S. Treasury Money Market Fund

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Fund Operating Expenses Account Fees
Management 0.08 % Sales Load: None
12B-1 0 % CDSC: * None
Other Expenses 0.00 % Exchange Fee: None
Fee Waiver + (0.00)% IRA Custodian $15 if less than $25,000
Total  0.08 %  Education IRA None 
* Contingent Deferred Sales Charge